CH Pryde N' PRO's Wait For The Magic

aka: Merlin

Whelped on July 14, 2013

Breeders/Owners - Peggy Otto and Jessy Berger

AKC Championship Certificate
ABC Championship Certificate

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Pryde's I Am The Storm
Merlin pictured at birth.
Merlin pictured at 1 week old.
Merlin pictured at 3 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 4 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 6 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 8 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 10 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 13 weeks old.
Merlin pictured at 5 months old.
Merlin pictured at:
6 months old 11 months old

Merlin's Career Stats
10/10/14 Catonsville KC 12-18 Mr. Roland L. Pelland RWD -
10/16/14 Georgia Boxer Club AmBred Mr. James C. Briley RWD -
10/17/14 Douglasville KC AmBred Ms. Mary Ann Brocious WD 1
10/18/14 Atlanta KC AmBred Dr. Robert A.Indeglia WD/BW 1
11/02/14 Tennessee Valley KC 12-18 Mr. James E. Noe RWD (major) -
11/13/14 Carolina Working Group Assn. 12-18 Mr. Bradford C. Dunn WD/BW 1
11/14/14 Salisbury NC KC 12-18 Mr. Clayton G. Haviland IV RWD -
11/15/14 Greater Monroe KC 12-18 Mr. Bob Busby WD 1
03/21/15 Raleigh KC OB Mr. Eric J. Ringle
03/21/15 Tarheel Boxer Club of Greater Raleigh
OB Mr. Geir Flyckt-Pedersen WD/BW 1
03/26/15 Columbia KC OB Mr. Lawrence (Larry) J. Sinclair WD/BOS 1
03/27/15 Columbia KC OB Mrs. Lawrence J. (Janet) Sinclair RWD -
03/28/15 Greater Monroe KC OB Dr. Richard H. Hilderman RWD -
03/29/15 Greater Monroe KC OB Mr. Roger S. Frey RWD -
04/09/15 Valdosta KC OB Ms. Betty Regina Leininger RWD (major) -
04/11/15 Atlanta KC OB Ms. Vicki E. Allenbrand RWD (major) -
08/15/15 Jesse James KC OB Mrs. Patricia A. Sosa
08/16/15 Jesse James KC OB Mr. Jon Cole
08/17/15 Greater Emporia KC OB Ms. F. Susan Godek
08/20/15 Topeka KC OB Mr. Houston Clark
08/21/15 Manhattan Kansas KC OB Mr. Bruce E. Voran
WD 2
09/11/15 East Tennessee Boxer Club
OB Mrs. Patricia (Pat) Hastings RWD (major) -
09/12/15 Chattanooga KC OB Mr. Edd Embry Bivin RWD (major) -
10/10/15 Tri Star KC of Williamson County TN OB Mr. John P. Wade RWD (major) -
04/10/16 Birmingham KC
OB Mr. Edd Embry Bivin WD/BW 4
06/18/16 Tampa Bay Boxer Club
AmBred Mr. Rick Gschwender WD 4

Merlin takes WD and his first point at the Douglasville KC show
on October 17, 2014 under judge Ms. Mary Ann Brocious,
handled by Gina Currier.

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Merlin takes WD and BW at the Jesse James KC show
on August 16, 2015 under judge Mr. Jon Cole,
handled by Gina Currier.

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Merlin takes WD at the Manhattan Kansas KC show
on August 21, 2015 under judge Mr. Bruce Voran,
handled by Gina Currier.

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Merlin takes WD, BW, and a 4 point major at the Birmingham KC show
on April 10, 2016 under judge Mr. Edd E. Bivin, handled by Gina Currier.

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Merlin takes WD and a 4 point major to complete his AKC championship requirements
at the Tampa Bay Boxer Club Specialty on June 18, 2016 under judge Mr. Rick Gschwender,
handled by Kham Vixayo (class and breed) and BJ Barnhart (winners).

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Merlin pictured at 5 1/2 years old.

At 1 month shy of 9 years old, Merlin takes first place in the 8-10 Veteran class at the Central Indiana Boxer Club Specialty
under breeder judge Mrs. Stephanie Abraham on June 11, 2022, handled by Alejandro (Alex) Hernandez.

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