Pictured (left to right) are Mia, Qpid, Roxie, Deeva, Zena, Ace, Yahzee, Levi, and Floyd.
An introduction to the PRO Boxers located in Summerville, SC, including a
pictorial history of their show careers, pedigrees, ancestors and health certifications.
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Georgia Boxer Club and American Boxer Club

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Available Puppies

The litters preceded by an '*' are NOT my litters!

This list is maintained as a courtesy
to breeders with available puppies and
to people looking for available puppies.

Please contact the individual breeder
about their litter and puppy availability.

VFBF = Very Flashy Brindle Female
VFFF = Very Flashy Fawn Female
FBF = Flashy Brindle Female
FFF = Flashy Fawn Female
SFBF = Semi-Flashy Brindle Female
SFFF = Semi-Flashy Fawn Female
PBF = Plain Brindle Female
PFF = Plain Fawn Female
WF = White Female
VFBM = Very Flashy Brindle Male
VFFM = Very Flashy Fawn Male
FBM = Flashy Brindle Male
FFM = Flashy Fawn Male
SFBM = Semi-Flashy Brindle Male
SFFM = Semi-Flashy Fawn Male
PBM = Plain Brindle Male
PFM = Plain Fawn Male
WM = White Male
*Fitz X Bella - Due to Whelp on or about February 21, 2023 and a mixed litter of brindle and fawn pups is expected.
  Please note...This litter is located in Charleston SC and the breeder is Eric Reiner.
   Rizzo X Macy - Whelped on  August 28, 2022 and includes 2-FFMs, 1-PFM, and 1-WF, ALL PUPS HAVE BEEN PLACED!
   Please note...This litter is located in Summerville SC and the breeder is Peggy Otto.
  Forrest X Jenny - Whelped on January 18, 2022 and includes 2-FBMs and 1-FBF, 2 AVAILABLE TO COMPANION HOMES!
   Please note...This litter is located in Summerville SC and the breeders are Erin Arnold and Peggy Otto.

The 'PRO' Boxers
CH EWO's PRO Divinity
CH PRO's Ace in the Hole
CH PRO's In Thy Image, DOM
MBIS, MBVIS, MBISS AmGCH MexCH PRO's Original 501 Blues, TT, SOM
CH PRO's Bordeaux Blues
CH PRO's Qpid
CH PRO's Repo-Duced Image
CH PRO's Rhythm and Blues
CH PRO's For Better or For Worse
CH PRO's Bordeaux Something New
CH PRO's Bordeaux Top Secret
CH PRO's Windtalker
GCH PRO N KMac's First Noel
CH Bordeaux N PRO's Ms Grace D'Shamrock
CH PRO's Red Tab 501 Blues
CH PRO's Light My Fire
CH Pryde N PRO's Wait For The Magic
PRO's Meghan Me Crazy
PRO's Goddess On The Mountain Top
Shamrock Bordeaux N PRO's Trade Secret
Pryde's Masterpiece For BenSar
PRO's Easy On The Eyes
GCH PRO's Original Fit 501 Blues
PRO's Vintage 501 Blues
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